Friday, April 6, 2012

"Just Doin' It" Featuring kaNo and Tracy Tubera

Dragatomi is proud to announce our next art show opening Saturday, April 14th – titled “Just Doin’ it” featuring all new works by kaNO and Tracy Tubera. This show will include all new paintings. But, to tie their styles together, they have come up with the theme of “Nike kicks”. Each painting will feature iconic Nike shoe traits and elements. How awesome is that?!?! If you’re a shoe head, then you definitely do not want to miss out on this. Both kaNO and Tracy will be in attendance for the opening. Here’s your chance for a meet and greet with these two artists.

“Just Doin’ It” opens on Saturday April 14th at 7 pm, with show pieces on display until May 5th.

You can sign up for our preview list here. Preview lists will be sent out on Friday April 13th at Noon PST.

Here is a little information on the artists:


Tracy Tubera is the self-proclaimed UBER ILLUSTRATOR SUPREME. An artist with an easy going, fun-loving attitude that is expressed through his art. His style is a mix of Grafitti, Anime/ Manga, & American Comic Book art, with acute attention to sharp, crisp line work, all mashed together in one stylish package.

Tracy has created t-shirt graphics, skateboard deck designs, skate shoes, toys, and is now the Creative Director & Executive Producer for Rob Dyrdek's Wild Grinders the animated series. His life has been nothing but drawing, playing with toys, and watching cartoons. The life of a mature Adult.


Born and raised on the streets of New York City, kaNO now makes a living as an illustrator, designer and animation artist.

From the silver screen to billboards and even on to toy shelves across the world. kaNO is a jack of all trades..

With up to 10 years of experience as a commercial

artist, he now focuses on creating urban content for his company kaNO kid, LLC. His clients include: ASPCA, Nike, Jordan, Upper Deck, Disney and Hasbro to name a few.