Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Greetings from Hell - Drilone Solo Exhibit

Drilone and Dragatomi would like to bid you “Greetings from Hell” A solo exhibit of the same title.

As an artist, Drilone has mastered the art of elemental wear and corrosion to the point that you question, “How did you do that?” Although he is not the first to master this style, Mother Nature is also proficient at this, but the difference is, what takes Mother Nature 20 years to do, Drilone can perform in a matter of days.

Drilone is not afraid to apply his skilled technique to any type of platform, from vinyl to wood, to just about any type of material. Someone once told him that titanium doesn’t rust, and his response to that was neither does plastic or vinyl.

DrilOne has pulled out all the stops for his upcoming solo show . His works will feature his rusty style on several different platforms - from 3” and 8” Dunnys, to a 16” Custom Toyer Qee, to a custom antique inspired sign to even a vintage radio. So many awesome pieces will be available!!

If you haven’t yet signed up for our preview list, you can do so here.

“Greetings from Hell” opening reception Saturday, September 10th @ 7 pm and will continue to run until October 1st

Dragatomi is located at:

2317 J Street

Sacramento, CA 95816




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