Wednesday, March 9, 2011

For the Love of Vinyl - Custom Show at Dragatomi

Opening this Saturday, March 12th is a custom show featuring the Symbiote platform titled: " For the Love of Vinyl".

This is a collaborative group art toy show, displaying what the artists love to do, the way they want to do it,and how ever they wanted to do it, in this case the artists and designers had the opportunity to create their very unique vision, by encouraging them to use the technique, medium and theme of their choosing applying all their creative talent on a blank symbiote vinyl toy platform.

The show gathers 25 talented artists, designers and customizers form all over the world featuring:

Arwassa (Spain) - ARTDENKA (Japan) - Baby Vtec (USA) - Chauskoskis (Mexico) - Dolly Oblong (Netherlands) - Frank Mysterio (Mexico) - Emily Bee (Canada) - Helena Garcia (USA) - Jeremiah Ketner (USA) - JRYU (USA) - Jeff Lamm (USA) - Kat Brunnegraff (USA) - King Quan (USA) - Lunabee (UK) - Lou Lou & Tummie (Netherlands) - Matt Jones (UK) - Jamie Fales (USA) - Olla Boku (Taiwan) - Pocket Wookie (USA) - Podgy Panda (New Zealand) - Paul Shih (New Zealand) - Pandacrew (France) - Steve Talkowski (USA) - SpankyStokes (USA) - Warm ‘n Fuzzy (Mexico).

Curated by Denise Cortez

Be sure to stop by Saturday night to view all of these wonderful customs in person. Also, don't forget to sign up for our preview list if you haven't done so yet.

See you all on Saturday!!