Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dunny Azteca Series 2 - Release and Trading Party

The new Dunny Azetca Series 2 will be released on Thursday January 20th and what better way to welcome them by having a release and trading party - Woo Hoo!!

The new series features designs by : Oscar Mar , Luis Mata , Saner , Tepetonga, Izzle Ramirez, Miguel De La Barracuda , Marka27, Anais e3, Jesse Hernandez, Dany Bravo, Jose leandro Cordova Lucas, Michelle Prats, Ochostore, and The Beast Brothers

You'll also receive a FREE Marka27 3" dunny with every case purchase. Available in-store and online (while supplies last)

See you all at the release party on Thursday, January 20th 6 pm - 8pm!!


Israel said...
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Israel said...

You guys are Awesome!!

My kids and I had a bunch of fun. Thanks for all Aztec Fare (Nachos & Chocolate) Trading was really fun. I'm still on the lookout for a few of the figures.

I'd also like the Jesse Hernandez, but not if I have to win the lottery to get it. ;)

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my little children love Dunny Azteca Series and they saw this the other day on the Internet and asked me to purchase it!