Friday, December 3, 2010

Safe From Harm - Short Stories by Lou Pimentel

Up next for Dragatomi is a fantastic show exhibiting all new works titled "Safe From Harm - Short Stories by Lou Pimentel"

Through his latest show Lou Pimentel explores the feelings one may have when inhabiting new spaces alone and the feelings of isolation that may be involved. Being isolated is not necessarily a bad thing. When alone we have the opportunity to reflect on life and what we have been through.

These paintings are intended to bring the viewer into them and come up with their own conclusions. How do the protagonists feel about their situations? Are these creatures safe or in harms way?

This show opens on Saturday December 11th and runs until January 2nd 2011. The opening reception is on Saturday December 11th from 6-10 pm.

Please be sure you stop by and check this out. This is one show you surely do not want to miss.

To sign up for the preview list please click here.

See you all there!

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