Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Toy2R 15th Anniversary DIY Qee Celebration

Join us on October 9th for the Toy2R 15th Anniversary DIY Qee Celebration, featuring custom 8 inch Qees by many talented artists.

Artists include:

Katt BrunnegraffMotorbotPodgyPandaGatchabertChauskoskis

Jeremiah KetnerAbe Lincoln Jr. • SkinnerGrimsheepAaron BoyKingQuanLunabee

J*RYU Brian ColinMarka27Jay222Ritzy Periwinkle

Troy Stith Jenny WolfTaskOneSpanky Stokes Mandark

LeeciferDluxBetso • George Gaspar • Dynomite NYCRsinNathan Hamill64 Colors

Ardabus RubberDrilOneNemoJulie WestNreazon

Frank MysterioScribe/Alisa Ross • ZombieMonkieKevin GosselinPhu •

Shaun Burner • Dan WhoresWaylon Horner

This is an event you don’t want to miss. But, if you can't make it out for the opening on October 9th, the show will run until November 6th.

Make sure you sign up for our preview list to receive a preview of all the customs that will be available for the show.


anniversary gifts said...

Where is it going to happen?

Lief Storer said...

Kick ass!! Gonna try to make it up there!

4rx said...

oh that was one of the best anniversary celebration of Toy2R, very good job of these guys, they are very talented artists, especially Spanky Stokes ;)