Friday, July 9, 2010

SDCC Artist Signing Schedule

Here's is our official artist signing schedule for SDCC at least for now....

Dragatomi Booth #3848

Thursday July 22nd
11 AM - Steve Talkowski a.k.a Sketchbot
3 PM - Ritzy Periwinkle

Friday July 23rd
1 PM - Shane Geil (Hello Maggot)
2 PM - PodgyPanda
3 PM - Jesse Hernandez

Saturday July 24th
11 AM - Steve Talkowski a.k.a Sketchbot
1 PM - Ron English
2 PM - Drilone / Leecifer
4 PM - Jeremiah Ketner

Sunday July 25th
11 AM - Dave Pressler

**signing times may change without notice**

1 comment:

Mycle said...

Rock on Dragatomi. I like seeing the HUSTLE. From being a spectator to putting together a superb booth. Wish we could be there.