Thursday, April 29, 2010

"NOT VINYL" Artist Line-Up

This is an update to our earlier post about the "Not Vinyl" Show happening on Saturday May 8th at 7 pm.

The artists participating include:

Plaseebo, Paul Kaiju , Leecifer , TaskOne, Phoneticontrol, Betso, Lysol 13, DrilOne, Jay222, Blamo Toys, Argonaut Resins, Quan Vu, Spanky Stokes, Motorbot, Rsin, Mandark, Jahsocky, C!nder, Jared Konopitski, Daniel Goffin, Okkle, Cris Rose, Eckotyper, J*ryu, Josh Herbolsheimer, LilJapan, Gatchabert,Jenny Wolf, Ian Ziobrowski,Chris Grannillo, Shane Saw, Brian Colin, Sucklord, WeKillYou, Apocalypse Popsicle
, Brent Nolasco, NervisWr3ks, KillGraffiti,Cliff & Sean of Monstrehero, Nemo,
More artists to be announced…

Hope to see you all there!!

1 comment:

rhiannon said...

wish i could b there for opening night! ...and what a great line-up! can't wait to see everything =]