Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dragatomi X Sacramento Midfest

It's been awhile since either myself or Ray (Agent_R) has posted anything up on our blog lately. We've both been real busy with our new store that sometimes, we forget to update everyone with the happenings at Dragatomi.

I guess this is a late post also, but better late than never!

This past Sunday, May 31st, we were a participating vendor at Sacramento's Midfest - A fundraiser event for T&M Organization and the Marshall Park Foundation. The day was filled with lots of entertainment for the attendees. There were live bands, an urban art competition, and various fighting matches and lots of other things to see.

The turnout was great! With the weather cooperating (not being too hot!) there were lots of people to come out and support the Sacramento art scene. Our booth had a great turnout also. Lots of people stopped by and were so thrilled to know that they now have a local place to purchase all of their designer toys.

Thanks to all who came out and showed support and visited our booth!


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