Saturday, June 13, 2009

2nd Saturday T Shirt Release

Here is the picture of our New T Shirt Design! Now available for purchase in-store only! Extremely limited. Only 32 made. Only 28 available.

Hi Everyone. Just wanted to let you all know that today at 5 pm, we will be releasing our very first T -shirt design. This is just one of many more to follow. Being that today is 2nd Saturday, we thought that it would be an awesome day to release it. It was designed by our very own XSPOSURE906 who is a very awesome and talented graphic designer.

Sorry everyone, but I can't post up pics of the shirt yet. Check back after 5 pm (PST) for an updated picture. The only thing I can say about the design is that it is very urban / hip-hop / street -wear. This design is very limited. There are only a total of 32 made. So if you are in the Midtown area this evening , please stop by and check it out.


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