Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I.W.G. Humans Beware Opening Night

It was a nice, cool, and clear evening in the city by the bay. San Francisco April 10th, opening night of I.W.G. Humans Beware Custom Art Show at Rocketworld. The show featured so many amazing entries from artists all over the country orchestrated by none other than Drilone.

Jeremy from ToyCyte and Jesse Hernandez with his new show Vinyl Addiction was also there to cover the event. Making the drive straight from So Cal just for the show was Toy Break's Ayleen and George (you guys rock). Also in the house was Leecifer, Bert Gatchalian, Jenny Wolf, LeRoid, Fatima, and the StrangeCo. Crew. Joanne and I had a great time talking, hanging out and taking a bunch of pictures.

Rocketworld as big as it is, quickly filled up. Fans kept coming throughout the evening and it did not take long for the figures to start selling. The 1st sale of the show honors belongs to Grimsheep's Keneda and continued through the night. In addition to I.W.G., Rocketworld also houses T.A.D. Gear: an elite class adventure gear when only the best will do. All the figures from the show will be on display at Rocketworld until May 10th. Stop by if you can, and check out works from all these artists. Even though the pictures are nice, they must be viewed in person to fully see the detail in the figures. Big thanks to Patrick Ma and Drilone for letting us be part of the show as sponsors.

-Agent R

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