Saturday, February 28, 2009

WonderCon Day 1

Time Check 2:20am. Well just walked through the door from a long day at WonderCon and out and about in San Francisco. It was a great day, most of the day was spent talking and catching up with friends that we don't see too often. Lots of people at the WonderCon for a work weekday which would mean tomorrow Saturday ... err today will be even more. After the Con Joanne and I had dinner and with friends LeRoid and Fatima then ended the evening at BJ's with drinks and Cilatro Pesto Pizza (you gotta try it).

Today for fun together with Spanky Stokes the 1st person to find Joanne at WonderCon and say Spanky Stokes Rocks will get a free Headphoines Soft Touch. Just like that. Well gotta get some sleep since we have to wake up in a few hours and do this again. Good Night

-Agent R

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


WonderCon returns to the city by the bay San Francisco Moscone Center South on February 27th through March 1st. The 3 day event is the second largest comics convention on the West Coast 1st being ComicCon in San Diego. This year we are happy to announce that MYK creator of our precious little Dragatomi character will have a table in artist alley # AA127. MYK will have prints featuring some of his art, custom Munnys, Dragatomi plushies and shirts for guys and girls available for sale. So stop by his table and show some love.

In addition our pals Bastard and Friends will also have a booth - #547 B&F. They will be giving out a bunch of FREE items from our store throughout the weekend. Visit them and at their booth and maybe get some free stuff. As for us, we'll be walking around checking the sites and bouncing between both areas. If you see us wandering around during the weekend say hi, we always like to make new friends :)

-Agent R

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Muttpop Crew Is Here!!

Just in, Muttpop is now at Dragatomi. Checkout their line of figures. Their figures have amazing detail and quality from Gobi to the Custom hand painted Kozik El Panda Golden Emperor of the Golden Throne. Get them now before their gone.

-Agent R