Wednesday, January 21, 2009

15% Off at Bastard & Friends

Happy Wednesday. Our friends over at Bastard and Friends were nice enough to create a little special sale just us over here. You get 15% off any order through their site when you enter DRAGATOMI at checkout. Here is a little history on them:

Bastard and Friends is a start up apparel company on the basis of addressing reality with a comical and twisted sense of humor. They decided to take a stance on pet peeves and people that most irritate them, so they labeled those folks “Bastards.” And we all know these bastards. The guy taking calls in a movie theater, the person who takes up two parking spaces in a full parking lot, the boss that's always on your case just because.

So now that you have a little background on them, visit them at and checkout there offerings. In addition to shirts they are branching out to accessories like belts and hats. They are also in the works on creating cut and sew garments. There are big things happening over there and know they will only get bigger. So from everyone here thanks for the coupon code, and "Don't Be A Bastard".

-Agent R

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