Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hello I'm Insane - Huck Gee Signing at Kidrobot SF

We here at Dragatomi not only are retailers for some of the coolest and rarest designer toys, we are also collectors ourselves. So, when we found out that Huck Gee was signing at Kidrobot SF on 10/30/08 for his release of the "Hello I'm Insane" 8 inch Dunny, we had to be there to make sure we got one for our collection.

What we didn't know was how many was being released that day. There are a total of 500 pieces made. The figure was released online earlier that morning and instantly sold out. So, we knew that there was going to be a bit of a challenge to make sure that we received ours.

We arrived at KRSF at roughly 11:45 a.m. and already there were over 30 people in line. I was number 38. I shortly find out that they will be releasing a number around 60. YAY! I was thrilled to know that I was gonna receive my own Huck Gee signed Hello I'm Insane Dunny - but it wasn't even Noon yet and the signing doesn't start until 6 p.m.

So.... After waiting in the cold, and RAIN for about 6 hours, I finally met Huck Gee and received my Limited Edition, signed - "Hello I'm Insane" Dunny. :)

Sorry folks. This is not for sale - This is for ME! :)

Huck Gee signing my dunny

Part of the crowd that waited in line

Waiting in the rain
Huck Gee fans that waited in the cold and rain with us

Hey BNF I ran into this random "Bastard" in the line

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