Saturday, June 28, 2008

Dragatomi + Bastard and Friends

(The Bastard and Friends Logo)

We have added a new apparel line to our Dragatomi store - "Bastard and Friends".

Bastard and Friends is an apparel company started on the basis of addressing reality with a comical and twisted sense of humor.

The shirts address the everyday "bastard" that we may meet or may have already met.

"The Rude Bastard in movie theater" - You know the person that always talks to people or on their cell phone when you are trying to concentrate on watching the movie.

" The Freeloading Bastard"
- The one that never pays for anything. (We all know a person like that!)
And many more "bastards".

These shirts rock! And basically express the way you feel without really pointing fingers to the person that you feel that way about.

Check it out - available at

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